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Smoky Mountain Women of Wisdom

The Group meets on 3rd Fridays, at OASIS Institute, 4928 Homberg Drive, Knoxville, (865) 588-7707.

Mission Statement:
We are a diverse group of spiritual women encouraging inspirational support and empowerment for all women who are on a conscious spiritual path.  We believe that this is a time in history when the wisdom of women is needed for the healing the world.

To provide opportunities for awakening and claiming the sacred feminine.


Next scheduled meeting:

Friday, August 18, 2017, 7:00 PM

topic: "A Mystical Moment: The 2017 Solar Eclipse"

SPEAKER: Rev. Carol Bodeau, Earth-Based Spiritual Teacher

Very soon, the moon and sun will dance together in an eclipse that has the potential to significantly shift our personal and collective energies. In this gathering, we prepare for one of the most significant astrological events in recent history: a complete solar eclipse which will be visible in its totality across the U.S.

Though eclipses happen with some frequency, they are often not visible for large numbers of people.  They do, however, always have energetic impacts that we can embrace and that allow to move us forward on our spiritual journeys.  The core concept of earth-based mysticism is that we are directly connected to, and influenced by, the energies of the earth, the sun, the moon, and the celestial bodies around us.  In this gathering, we’ll talk about how we can fully enter the energies of the eclipse, to heighten and accelerate our spiritual journeys.  And we’ll set intentions, through meditation and ritual, for allowing the eclipse to propel us towards our dreams.

Rev. Carol Bodeau is an earth-based spiritual teacher, author and healer. She is minister of Westside UU Church in Farragut, and also has a private spiritual counseling practice.  She recently released her first book, “ The Mystics’ Map: A Guide to The Spiritual Journey.”

For more information call Lisa Mixon 688-8234 or Linda Sammataro 546-0438 (Please call Linda only in the afternoon or evening)

Open group format; small donation for meeting space. Men are also welcome.

We look forward to you becoming part of Smoky Mountain Women of Wisdom!  See you there!  Namaste.

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